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The Twin Cities VW Club is Minnesota’s largest VW club. We are a registered non-profit organization, run voluntarily by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. We’re a fun enthusiast base group. We don’t have any membership requirements and welcome both fans of water cooled and air cooled Volkswagens.


The Twin Cities VW Club mission is to provide a fun and informal place to share your Volkswagen enthusiasm. Because we all have busy lives, we strive to have our events in typically “lower priority” times (meetings and events are normally 6:30 Wednesdays and Bug-Ins are on Sundays). This allows you to have your hobby and a home life too. We welcome all interested to join, even if you don’t own a Volkswagen.

What we do

The Twin Cities VW Club meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month. Our club co-sponsors the annual Bug-In with Westside Volkswagen. Various members host local activities such as swap meets, dinner cruises, tours and holiday parties.

Who can join

We invite everyone to join our club. Your Volkswagen doesn’t have to be a bone-stock original model, nor does it have to be a show-winner. You don’t even have to own a Volkswagen to be a member! The majority of our members are simply in the Twin Cities VW Club for fun and educational purposes.

Club dues

Membership in the Twin Cities VW Club is $20.00 annually for an individual membership. Our fiscal year goes from January to December. For this, you’ll receive our newsletter and many other benefits.

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  1. twincitiesvwclubADMIN

    Thanks for your interest in the club, Randy! The membership form is available in the top menu of the website to download. Please print and fill it out, then you can either mail it in with your dues or bring both to a club event. Do let us know if you have any questions.

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