Director’s Piece – Apple Orchard 2019

With the Holidays coming up and the snow surely on its way, I think most of us have our little Volkswagens tucked away till next Spring.

The last tour of the year was the the Fall Pumpkin / Apple Run. With some last minute changes ( the date & locations ), it turned out to be a very good day with 20 Cars and 32 members. We started in Wayzata and took some back roads around the lake with views of some very big and expensive homes. Leaving at 10:00 and having to be at Hooked on Classics in Watertown when they opened at 11:00 meant we had to do a 15-minute drive in an hour. This worked out well! We arrived just as they opened. The owner, Darrel, was happy to see all the members of our club. It seems many of our members have never been there before. With over 90 vintage cars and trucks all for sale there was a lot to look at.

Luce Line Orchard Info sheet

Then onto the apple orchard. This year we went to Luce Line Orchard just two miles way from Watertown. I had called ahead so we could get special parking. Did we ever have good parking – right on their front lawn. Rich & Terri Pawelk are the owners, and what a place they have. There was everything from pony rides, petting animals, tractor rides, food and even apples and pumpkins, not to mention the pies and other gifts. I guess we weren’t the only ones that thought this would be a good day to go apple hunting. The place was full, but it did not seem to be crowded. The club paid for lunch for the members, and Terri Pawelk ( some of us remember her on KQRS Radio as Terri Traen) had a treasure hunt made up of things to find at the orchard. The club was to give a prize to the winner. We spent a little longer there than planned.

Luce Line Orchard scavenger hunt

A few of our members when on to the last destination, the Schram Haus Brewery in Waconia. I did not make it there as did some of the others did.


Director, Rich Meyer
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